(まず日本語で English follows Japanese, Chinese follows English 英文在日文后,中文在英文后)






Hello, I am TURX, just an ordinary high school student living in P.R. China.

I have a strong interest in computer science and started to learn it in grade 3. For example, I have experience as the director of my school’s IT club, a participant in competitive programming, and a researcher of technologies. I also like world languages and started learning English in kindergarten, self-studying Japanese in grade 8, and self-studying Korean this year (2021). I have earned a score of 100+ in TOEFL (MyBest 110) and passed N1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

The Sino-U.S. program I am in is different from the standard curriculum of the Chinese National College Entrance Examination. In this program, most courses are taught by non-Chinese teachers in English, so my English language skill keeps increasing dramatically since grade 10. Also, I acquired leadership and creativity like western students from frequent projects and activities.

I regard myself as a traveler. Even when I was very young, I went to metropolises near my hometown like Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Macao. After a few years, my footprint has extended to Switzerland, France, United States, Japan, and Thailand. Consequently, connecting with colorful humans and cultures is why I learn these languages.

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